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Window into Nature

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Artistic Statement from Suzie Torre-Cross:

Photography, like poetry has the power to evoke strong emotions and visceral responses.


Perception is a dynamic conflict between how one interprets imagery and then strives to comprehend.


For me, the natural world is a spiritual sanctuary. She provides a rich, vibrant, and varied canvas upon which life unfolds in a magical, mysterious, and majestic dichotomy of decay and rebirth. I use the abundant palette of colors, textures, and shapes at a macro level to challenge perception and unearth the unexpected.


I feel most drawn to images that can tell a story. Also, I am intrigued by how my images, when converted to black and white transcend reality and reveal the essence of each image. 


Through my photography, I offer a "Window into Nature." I hope my images move the viewer emotionally; then silently ask them to explore and welcome the nuances in their life.